The Founders Vision

All of us founders of O-XUM - being women of African descent living in the Diaspora - had that frustrating experience of trying to shop for beauty products for our needs in the mainstream businesses and not feeling represented by the products on display. So we decided to do something about it. Most mass market brands do not even attempt to cater to the beauty needs of people of color. So we founded O-XUM in 2016 in the creative start-up hotspot Berlin, Germany. We are committed to put an end to endless searches, poor quality and a feeling of being unattended or invisible.

O-XUM is dedicated to become the best platform for beauty products for People Of All Shades. We also strive to give selected African beauty brands access to the European market.

So come join us and celebrate your beauty!!!

Your O-XUM Beauty Team

Tiri (right) & Ode (left)

Tiri (right) & Ode (left)