Afro-Pop Stool - Sika by Shirley B.

Afro-Pop Stool - Sika by Shirley B.


These stools are about to add pop of Africa to your living space. The Afro-Pop stool by Shirley comes in different prints. You can also place a custom order with a color combination of your choice - just email us.

Upholstered with African Prints, the AfroPop stool is a stand-out interior design piece. The stool is handmade from scratch using only natural material. Each stool was handmade by the designers work space in Germany using only fabric sourced on the African Market.


100% Cotton

100% Wood


  • Seat diameter: 31/22 cm

  • Seat height: 71 cm

  • Weight: 3135 g

  • Limitations: don't stand on the Afro-Pop stool; can't carry weight beyond 200 pounds (100 kg)

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