Sponge - Sape

Sponge - Sape


Sponge - Sapo

This exfoliating body sponge has been a staple in Ghanaian homes for decades.

Its luxurious mesh texture exfoliates to perfection, scrubbing away dead skin cells, excess oils and bacteria. It will leave your skin feeling baby soft and looking young and fresh with a luminous glow. When stretched, it spans up to 50 inches in length, allowing it to reach all points of your back for a good, clean scrub. If you want to say bye to dull looking skin, this sponge is for you. When used with any of our black soaps, the result is skin that is so smooth and radiant, you’ll keep saying ‘my dead skin is gone!’

Note: Wet before use.  Use with any of our black soaps.

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