Waist Beads - Nala

Waist Beads - Nala


Meaning of Color:

  • Gold - Good Health, Power and Wealth

  • Red - Confidence and Vitality

  • White: Light, Truth and Purity

This Waist Beads handcrafted beaded adornments made with genuine love and care.

Our Waist Beads are made from various kinds of glass, metal, crystal, worn around the waist and stomach. This is an ancient tradition originating in Africa, worn for many reasons like expression of femininity, healing, protection, rights of passage during puberty, baby naming ceremony, maintaining the figure, and intimacy with a husband or lover.

  • Waist beads are worn beautifully by women of all shapes, sizes, and ages.

  • Waist beads are the perfect tool to use during your healing and spiritual journey. As they encourage so much self love, confidence, and body positivity. Not to mention the vast healing properties of the various crystal beads and gemstones we use.

Note: They are 53 inches more or less. The beads connect with gold in color screw clasps. 

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